The report, that was broadcasted on “Canal 24 horas”, highlights microalgae’s properties, as well as their applications in different industries.


Captura Miniatura TVE“Canal 24 horas”, one of the TV channels under the public entity RTVE, has recently shown an interesting report that highlights the potential of microalgae and their countless properties. The journalist Mar Chércoles also emphasizes the important role played by these microorganisms in the environmental field due to their consumption of CO2.

Our General Manager, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, values in the report our effort made in terms of R+D, and he remarks that we must keep working in this direction. María Segura, AlgaEnergy’s Technical Director, highlights in the report the interesting applications that microalgae have in different industries such as human nutrition and cosmetics, with special emphasis on their use in agriculture, a sector in which our agricultural biostimulant AgriAlgae® is demonstrating results far above expectations such as increased crop yield and improved fruits quality.

To see the video broadcasted on “Canal 24 horas”, click here -video in Spanish-.