An olive grower from Toledo will enjoy a complete treatment of AgriAlgae®, the first prize of the contest held at the last Annual Assembly of ASAJA Toledo.


Instalaciones de la Cooperativa Santa Ana de Toledo.

Instalaciones de la Cooperativa Santa Ana de Toledo.

The prize delivery act took place recently in the facilities of Cooperativa Santa Ana (Toledo), cooperative to which the winner belongs to. The prize, valued in 1.200 Euros, is a set of AgriAlgae® products that the awarded farmer, a producer from Villanueva de Bogas (Toledo), will be able to apply to his olive grove in order to improve the crop’s performance as well as the quality of the olives.

The contest took place during the last edition of the Annual Assembly of ASAJA Toledo, held last June in the capital of Castilla-La Mancha. The meeting counted with a distinguished participation of AlgaEnergy, represented by our General Manager Carlos Rodríguez-Villa.

During the Annual Assembly, Rodríguez-Villa presented the sector of microalgae as well as its beneficial usage in the agricultural field, with a special focus on the innovative agricultural biostimulant range AgriAlgae®. In addition, some testimonials from recognized farmers that had placed their confidence on AgriAlgae® were highlighted, fact that, due to their very positive experiences, aroused great interest among the attendees.