AgriAlgae® Original Foliar

AgriAlgae® Original Foliar is a high-quality agricultural biostimulant based on an optimized combination of microalgae. Its use is recommended in any crop and throughout the full cycle. Its foliar application ensures the maximization of the crop yields as well as the optimization of the fruits’ qualitative traits.


AgriAlgae® Original Foliar contains 4.1% free L-amino acids (41 g/l). It also contains phytohormones, vitamins, minerals, pigments, peptides, polyunsaturated fatty acids, polysaccharides, etc. This composition makes it an ideal product that will help you maximizing the crop yields and improving the quality of the fruits.

AgriAlgae® Original Foliar
Composition % w/w
Free L-amino acids 4,1
Total Nitrogen 7,0
Organic Nitrogeno 1,4
Nitric Nitrogen 5,6
P2O5 0,5
K2O 6,7

AgriAlgae® Original Foliar, a “Zero Waste” product, is characterized by its high assimilation, by its wetting effect, and more importantly, by its positive effects, which can be observed very fast.

Thanks to AgriAlgae® Original Foliar, you will obtain a greater photosynthetic capacity of the plant, an improvement of the resistance against adverse conditions, a better crop yield, and larger number and average size of fruits of the highest quality. In addition, it promotes the foliage development and the regeneration of damaged tissues.

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Additional Information

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