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Take a look at the following field trials and find out the benefits of using AgriAlgae®:

Our best product is the satisfaction of our customers

AgriAlgae® is recommended for any kind of crop. Farmers all over the world already rely on our biostimulants to take care of their crops and maximize their yields.
  • “Crops treated with AgriAlgae® have resisted frost surprisingly well”

    Valencia (Spain).
  • “Increased strength of the skin, more resistant, which implies fewer insect attacks and better preservation”

    Lleida (Spain)
  • “Only the lines treated with AgriAlgae® present an optimal health status, without any type of fungus”

    La Rioja (Spain)
  • “Note that the olive is very healthy, and the tree is hardier and has hardly dropped any olives”

    Toledo (Spain)
  • “Leaves are greener, with excellent color, greater vigor and plant height. The quality of the fruit is also better”

    Greenhouse vegetables
    Almería (Spain)

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