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United by one concern

AgriAlgae® is the brand under which AlgaEnergy develops, produces and commercializes the innovative range of agricultural biostimulants. AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology-based company specialized in the field of microalgae, with the R&D in its DNA, and managed by a team of entrepreneurs and scientists with solid track, proven success and extensive experience within their respective fields.

Led by Augusto Rodríguez-Villa -AlgaEnergy’s President- and by Prof. Miguel García Guerrero -Professor of Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Seville-, AlgaEnergy’s team is managed by Carlos

Rodríguez-Villa -General Manager-, and is comprised by a group of professionals sharing one concern, namely to contribute to simultaneously palliate the three main challenges the society is facing: the food safety, the energetic efficiency and the environmental sustainability.

AlgaEnergy looks towards the future, striving and being fully committed to ensure a more sustainable agriculture. Our mission is to help farmers maximize their crop yields and performances in an environmentally friendly manner.

Technology & Facilities

We have developed the most advanced Technologies

In order to achieve our mission, AlgaEnergy has developed the most advanced technologies, and counts on its knowledge and the experience of its researchers accumulated throughout more than 4 decades of R&D, the professional competence of its team, and the support of more than 130 leading scientific collaborators worldwide. In this sense, we are able to offer the most innovative technological solutions to the market.

AlgaEnergy has two microalgae cultivation plants. On the one hand, it counts on its Technological Platform for Experimentation with Microalgae (PTEM), a pilot plant located at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport, built in collaboration with AENA and IBERIA.

This plant is probably the most powerful private R&D tool in the field of microalgae biotechnology worldwide.

On the other hand, it has an industrial plant in South of Spain (Cádiz), which is capable of bio-fixating CO2 in the process of microalgal cultivation, transforming this gas into high-value products. The plant occupies an area of ​​10,000 m2 and it is in an expansion phase. It is located annexed to the largest combined cycle power plant in Spain, owned by IBERDROLA, a publicly listed company that is world leader in the field of renewable energies, as well as technological partner and shareholder of AlgaEnergy since 2009.


A strong commitment to R&D

R&D goes with AlgaEnergy’s DNA. Since its foundation, the company has dedicated its first eight years exclusively to applied research. It aims to promote new lines of research while, at the same time, applying and optimizing at industrial scale the positive results that have been obtained at a laboratory scale.

For this purpose, AlgaEnergy leverages its own Technological Platform for Microalgae Experimentation (PTEM), equipped with the most advanced technologies in microalgae biotechnology.

Its R&D projects portfolio covers the whole value chain, going from genetic engineering -only applied to the research of next generation biofuels- to the development of new and more efficient systems to culture microalgae and valorization of microalgal biomass.

The firm commitment to R&D is materialized through a powerful investment: more than 60 million Euros have been invested in the microalgae related international projects led or participated by AlgaEnergy, in which it collaborates with more than 120 research centers, companies and universities.

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Committed to sustainable agriculture

According to FAO data, in 2050 the world population will be more than 9 billion people, who have to be nourished. The great challenge of food security is aggravated by other challenges such as the growing environmental pollution and the need to find inexhaustible and sustainable sources of energy.

AlgaEnergy’s mission is of global significance, and the biological processes it works with have potential to palliate the three great crisis that our society is facing: food safety -AgriAlgae® increases the quality and quantity of agricultural production-, the environmental sustainability -during its production process, 2 kg of CO2 are eliminated for each 5 liters of AgriAlgae® produced -, and energetic efficiency.

At AlgaEnergy we are convinced that our ability to generate value is linked to the ability of understanding the expectations of our society in general, and of our customers in particular.


The recognition to a pledge to innovation and sustainability

AlgaEnergy’s efforts have deserved the recognition of different institutions, collaborators and independent people:

'The Product of Great Potential' Award (2020)

AlgaEnergy received ‘The Product of Great Potential’ award for its plant biostimulant products at the Special Fertilizer Expo in Nanning, China, on June 20, 2020.

'BlueInvest - People’s Choice' Award (2019)

The award ceremony took place within the framework of the prestigious BlueInvest Day event, organized by the European Commission, and delivered by Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries of the European Commission.

Seal ‘Solar Impulse - Efficient Solutions’ (2019)

The range of microalgae based biostimulants AgriAlgae® has been distinguished with this international certificate, having demonstrated to the group of evaluating experts its sustainability and the economic profitability it provides to the farmer.

CEPYME Award for Technological Innovation (2019)

The Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) has granted AlgaEnergy the 2019 CEPYME Award in the category of Technological Innovation. The President of AlgaEnergy, Augusto Rodriguez-Villa, received the award from the Minister of Economy and Business of the Government of Spain in office, Nadia Calviño.

Award for Technology Leadership by Agriculture Today (2019)

AlgaEnergy’s wholly owned subsidiary in India, MicroAlgae Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., (MASI) has won the prestigious Technology Leadership Award for 2019 presented by the Minister of Agriculture of India, the Honorable Shri Narendra Singh Tomar on behalf of Agriculture Today India. This recognition of the unique natural and organic technologies created by AlgaEnergy and developed for the India market by MASI highlights the success that AlgaEnergy has had in other markets with its best-in-class crop nutrition products.

Award for Innovation CEIM (2018) - Finalist

The Spanish Confederation of Enterprises of Madrid (CEIM) has selected AlgaEnergy as Finalist in the Category of Innovation. The awards delivery act took place on the 24th of October in Madrid, at the Florida Retiro. The ceremony was chaired by the President of Madrid, Mr. Ángel Garrido.

Find out more about this new recognitions here.

Award for Innovation Macfrut (2018)

AlgaEnergy has been distinguished with the ‘Award for Innovation Macfrut 2018’ granted by a Jury of experts selected by the organization of the event Macfrut, a trade fair held in Rimini (Italy). AlgaEnergy has been awarded for its range of agricultural biostimulants based on microalgae, AgriAlgae®. The award was collected by Miguel Rodríguez-Villa and Giuseppe Castellani, Expansion Manager of AlgaEnergy and Country Manager of AgriAlgae® in Italy, respectively.

Find out more about the AlgaEnergy‘s participation in Macfrut here.

Award for Business Innovation Agroexpo (2018)

AlgaEnergy has been distinguished with the “Award for Business Innovation” granted by a Jury of experts selected by the organization of the event Agroexpo, a trade fair held in Badajoz (Spain). AlgaEnergy has been awarded for its range of agricultural biostimulant based on microalgae, AgriAlgae® PREMIUM. Carlos Rodríguez-Villa and Carmela Pérez, General Manager and Business Development Manager of AlgaEnergy respectively, collected the award handed by the President of Extremadura, Mr. Guillermo Fernández Vara.

Award for Biotechnology Research and Innovation Expoquimia (2017)

AlgaEnergy has been recognized with the “Award for Biotechnology Research and Innovation” granted by the organization of the event Expoquimia, a triennial Fair held in Barcelona that gathers the main players in sectors such as biotechnology, chemical or industrial engineering, amongst others. AlgaEnergy has been awarded for our agricultural biostimulant based on microalgae AgriAlgae®. Carmela Pérez Calleja and José María Gregorio, AlgaEnergy’s Business Development team, collected the award handed by Mrs. Carmen Vela, the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation.

Award for Environmental Sustainability and Ecological Production (2017)

The organization of the event Infoagro Exhibition has granted, by unanimous decision, the Award for Environmental Sustainability and Ecological Production to AlgaEnergy, both for its business trajectory and for its range of AgriAlgae® biostimulants. At the Ceremony was present, among the invited authorities, María del Carmen Ortiz Díaz, Minister of Agriculture of the Regional Government of Andalusia.


Seal of Innovative SME by the Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness (2016)



The Spanish Government granted the “Seal of Innovative SME” to AlgaEnergy through the Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness (MINECO), after having checked that AlgaEnergy complies with all necessary requirements to accomplish such relevant distinction, in accordance with the Ministerial Order ECC/1087/2015 published in June 2015.

European Business Award for the Environment (2016)

AlgaEnergy has been awarded with the prestigious EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARDS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT 2015/2016 – SECTION SPAIN by the Biodiversity Foundation under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. These biannual awards are organized since 1987 by the European Commission in order to recognize and reward those companies that successfully combine the economic viability of their businesses with the environmental protection, by introducing eco-innovations in their management, processes and offered products or services.



Seal of Excellence issued by the European Commission (2016)

Having been analyzed by an independent panel of expert evaluators hired by the European Commission, AlgaEnergy’s performance in the rigurous evaluation, whose criteria was based on excellence, impact, quality and efficiency of implementation, has been outstanding. In this sense, the European Commission has issued its exclusive Seal of Excellence endorsing AlgaEnergy, through two of its Commissioners who sign the document.

Seal of Excellence

One of the 25 most innovative CleanTech companies in the world (2016)

Having screened and analyzed over 400 projects on a global level, the CleanEquity Forum of Monaco, organized by Innovator Capital and The Prince Albert II Foundation, AlgaEnergy has been selected as one of the 25 most innovative cleantech companies in the world.

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"Research Promotion Award" from the University of Almeria (2014)

The Social Council of the University of Almeria grants AlgaEnergy the Honorary Award from the SOCIAL COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALMERIA TO THE PROMOTION OF THE RESEARCH SOCIETY-UNIVERSITY (9th Edition, 2014), in the category of “Enterprises and Institutions which are specially distinguishable for its research activities.

XIII Sustainability & Environment Awards (2013)

AlgaEnergy won the “XIII Sustainability & Environment Award”, which was handed by the Minister of Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment.


premio sostenibilidad

One of the three most remarkable and innovative R&D initiatives of the year in Spain (2013)

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, FECYT, has published the document “Relevant actions in the R&D Public Policies Network” in the year 2013, which highlights the three most notable and innovative actions  in terms of R&D, one of them being the company AlgaEnergy.

"Ten Best Ideas to Save the Nature" Award (2011)

AlgaEnergy, one of the “Ten Best Ideas to Save the Nature” (2011)

The environmental magazine RedLife, in its 6th Edition, has selected the TEN BEST IDEAS TO SAVE THE NATURE according to approximately 6,000 readers and a jury comprised by biologists, scientists, reporters and entrepreneurs. The CO2ALGAEFIX project, promoted and led by AlgaEnergy in “Arcos de la Frontera” (Cadiz, South of Spain) was distinguished as one of them.

Ten best ideas to save the nature

PREMIUM Quality Certificate (2010)

PREMIUM  Quality Certificate

The University of Santiago de Compostela analyses AlgaEnergy’s biomass and issues a PREMIUM Quality Certificate of its Nannochloropsis  gaditana, which is widely used in the aquaculture sector.


Award "madri+d" from the Autonomous Community of Madrid (2009)

“Madri+d” from the Autonomous Community of Madrid (2009)

Research & Development award to the “Best Plan in the Category of Technology-Based Companies”.


Premio Madri+D

Premio madri+d-LATERAL

We are proud to share all these awards & acknowledgements with our clients. Discover more about all the recognitions here.


AlgaEnergy strives to be known and recognized for the quality that characterizes both, our range of agricultural biostimulants AgriAlgae® as well as the production processes by which they are obtained. This would not be possible if we did not count with a raw material of the highest quality.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, which demonstrates our ability to provide products and offer a service that meets the requirements of an increasingly demanding customer, as well as current regulations and standards.

We are committed to sustainable agriculture. That commitment that is materialized with the production of our efficient biostimulants, as well as our environmentally friendly production processes. Our products are certified for its usage in organic farming following European standards and classified as “Zero Waste” products. In addition, we are adhered to Sigfito, a system for agricultural packaging collection, in order to ensure a treatment that respects the environment.

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