What it is made of?

It is a product made of 100% microalgae intact biomass, using a combination of microalgae strains selected and cultivated by AlgaEnergy at its own facilities with the most advanced technology worldwide, which have been developed by AlgaEnergy since its establishment in 2007. Therefore, it is not a extract formulation made of waste from other industries, since the high quality microalgal biomass produced by AlgaEnergy is integrally used to produce AgriAlgae®.

What are the microalgae?

They are microscopic plant organisms present in any water. We owe them our lives because they are responsible for over 50% of the oxygen in the atmosphere.

Unlike animals, higher plants or macroalgae, which are only present in one realm of nature, microalgae are present in all realms -except the animal one-, and therefore have a high biodiversity.

Nobody really can know how many microalgae species exist (the most conservative figure is around 60 thousand species), but they have a very rich biochemical composition. In fact, they are the organisms with the higher protein content on Earth, being also the original source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and also offering a full range of plant hormones.

Last but not least, they are the most efficient CO2 biofixation system on the planet, which is why they have an important role to contribute to palliate the climate change.

Are microalgae alive?

No, they are not alive in the final product. Once harvested, they are subjected to a strictly controlled process (UPT® technology) which allows to maintain all the interesting molecules for plant organisms without any degradation. The result is an optimized product made of microalgal biomass.

What is its composition?

It contains all molecules regulatory of any plant’s growth and development: L-amino acids, plant hormones, micronutrients, peptides, lipids, polysaccharides, vitamins, antioxidants, pigments.

What is a biostimulant?

A biostimulant is a functional substance which, when applied in small doses, generates great results. Biostimulants promote growth and development of plants, optimizing their physiological processes and stimulate the immune system.

There are many types of bio-stimulants: animal, plant or bacterial, organic or non-organic, acting within the plant or in its immediate environment, etc. AgriAlgae® is a plant-based product made 100% of microalgae, distinct, innovative, sustainable, natural, and above all, very effective.

Is a fertilizer?

No, it is not a fertilizer. The main function of AgriAlgae® is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fertilization, facilitating the assimilation and transport of nutrients. Although you can save on fertilizers, they must never be replaced by bio-stimulants since they act in synergy. AgriAlgae® is therefore complementary product to traditional fertilizers that acts in small doses providing significant results, in terms of improving the nutritional process and the final yield.

Does it replace fertilization?

No, it is not a substitute for fertilizer, although it is a perfect complement increasing yields and efficiency. We could say that fertilization provides the nutrients and AgriAlgae® provides the “tools the plant needs to make the most of those nutrients”.

How does it differ from fertilizer?

Biostimulants work through different channels for fertilization.

AgriAlgae® acts to regulate and optimize metabolic and physiological processes of plant organisms. It facilitates the assimilation and transport of nutrients from the roots to the organs where they are needed. In sum, it stimulates and catalyzes the development processes of individual plants.

Is it compatible with foliar fertilization and / or fertigation? Can you mix it with K, Cu or other nutrients?

AgriAlgae® doesn’t have any incompatibilities. It is compatible with any fertilizer, macro- or micronutrient, and can be applied both foliar and to the soil. In addition, it improves the penetration and absorption of nutrients.

What differs from other products with amino acids?

It differs in several aspects: composition, proportion and quality of amino acids.

There are 20 amino acids needed for any plant. AgriAlgae® contains all of them.

Proportion of amino acids:
Each amino acid has a specific function. It is therefore important that the plant has all of them at its disposal. However, it is equally important that the proportion of each amino acid is ideal for the plant to develop itself and grow. Since amino acids contained in AgriAlgae® are extracted from microalgae, which are continuously growing plant organisms, the proportion of amino acids in AgriAlgae® is the ideal.

Quality of amino acids:
There are amino acids in L form and D form. In nature, all amino acids are always found in L form. In AgriAlgae®, all amino acids are present as L-amino acids as found in nature, which is the functional form recognized and used by plants. Amino acids in D form are organic matter with no physiological function for a plant which, and they arise as a result of some production processes (such as acidic or alkaline hydrolysis). Therefore, it is always best to use L-amino acids, particularly in stone fruits, in which D-Amino acids can even result phytotoxic.

It is also important to note that the composition of AgriAlgae® also contains other valuable molecules present in microalgae, such as a wide range of plant hormones, micronutrients, vitamins, pigments, antioxidants, etc.

Therefore, AgriAlgae® is not comparable with other products containing amino acids.

What differs AgriAlgae® from known products based on (macro) algae?

There are macroalgae, like those found on the beach, and microalgae, which are imperceptible to the human eye. AgriAlgae® differs from products based on seaweeds (Ascophyllum, Kelp, etc.) in origin, composition and quality.

While macroalgae are “fished” at the coasts without any control over its growth, particularly on the quality and homogenisation, AlgaEnergy grows its own microalgae in state of the art photobioreactors, using complex software systems and solenoid valves, controlling all variables that influence the biochemical composition and quality of the microalgae (eg temperatures, nutrients, pH, CO2, etc.). In this sense, AlgaEnergy has no dependence and can guarantee the quality and homogeneity of the final product.

Biostimulants based mainly on macroalgae determine their effectiveness on polysaccharides, as well as some small amounts of some plant hormones. Also, they do not have a significant amount of protein. In contrast, AgriAlgae®, besides polysaccharides and a high content and wide range in phytohormones, contains all essential amino acids, pigments, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.
AgriAlgae® is therefore based on a much richer raw material.

In addition to the differences between the collection of seaweeds from the coasts compared to microalgae cultivation with control over all parameters, as well as between the different biochemical compositions of these raw materials, it is also noteworthy that macroalgae products usually are a sub-product from other industries, elaborated based on the waste of these industries. That is, macroalgae are caught, are submitted to a compounds extraction for human nutrition, and it is the final waste which is used to produce bio-stimulants. As it is natural, during this process some interesting compounds are extracted, and some others are

In the case of AgriAlgae® however, AlgaEnergy allocates 100% of the high quality microalgal biomass to the development of the product, keeping all the compounds of interest in the form of functional molecules. To ensure the integrity of these molecules of interest, AlgaEnergy has developed the technology UPT®.

Is it a pesticide?

No, it’s not a pesticide. However, it actively promotes defense against pathogens, since it stimulates and strengthens the immune system of plants. It has a preventive effect on pests and diseases.

Is it compatible to apply with phytosanitary products?

AgriAlgae® is compatible with any phytosanitary product. Moreover, it has wetting properties and provides a carrier effect, promoting the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Also, in the case of aggressive phytosanitary treatments, it helps the plant to recover from this provoked stress.

What are the effects on fungal diseases?

AgriAlgae® promotes natural defenses of plants against fungi to help the plant to defend itself and repel aggression. It stimulates the production of phytoalexins, which, along with the presence of plant hormones such as salicylic acid, stimulates systemic acquired resistance and and stimulantes the immune system of plants in general, which are the main defense mechanisms of plants against fungus growth.


What are the effects on pests?

It stimulates the immune system of plants, promoting their natural response against pests. Jasmonic acid helps to recover the plant pathogens. As well as helps heal before closing wounds, thus reducing exposure to pathogens.


Is it compatible to apply with microorganisms?

There are no incompatibilities, theer can even be symbiotic synergies for the benefit of plants. However, since microorganisms are living organisms that interact with the environment, you should not apply in the same area. The recommendation is to switch applications.

What is UPT® and why does this technology make AgriAlgae® a unique product in the market?

UPT® (Ultimate Performance Technology) is a technological concept developed exclusively by AlgaEnergy that makes it possible to generate and valorize a raw material of the highest quality in order to obtain a final product in which the excellent properties of that raw material are maintained. With this technology, result of over a decade dedicated to applied research and innovation on microalgae, AlgaEnergy can guarantee that there is no degradation of the high-value compounds contained in microalgae -unlike what is most common on the market-, and therefore, that its products are of the highest quality. The UPT® concept gathers the knowledge, the technology and the protocols applied throughout the whole value chain, with a strict and uninterrupted control over all variables involved in the entire process.

How much do we spend per amount of product?

The consumption is around 5 to 6 liters per hectare per application, and the general recommendation is 3 to 5 applications per cycle, depending on the type of crop, the intensity, the planting, etc.

How is it applied?

AgriAlgae® can be applied both foliar or to the roots. It is compatible with all fertigation systems and spraying. The generally recommended application root dose is 5 to 6 liters of product per ha. The dose for foliar application is achieved with a dilution 0’2-0’3% (2-3 liters of product in 1000 liters of water). However, for specific recommendations you can can contact the technical team at AlgaEnergy at any time via phone at +34 91 490 20 20, or email at sales@algaenergy.es.

When is it applied?

AgriAlgae® can be applied at any time in the crop cycle. Its greatest benefits are obtained prior to a situation of high metabolic activity (sprouting, flowering, fruit setting, fruit development, ripening, etc.), or as a preventive or therapeutic treatment applications in order to promote resilience and recovery from stress.

What application is better, leaf or root?

No specific recommendation is better than the other one, they are different.

Applying a foliar spray: the response time is faster but the duration of effects is less.

On the contrary, when applying to the root, the effect time is not as fast, but the duration is greater. It is therefore recommended an alternation in the application form, depending on the phenological state.

If you want to achieve persistence over time by foliar applications, it is recommended to repeat the application every 2 or 3 weeks. In any case, the technical team of AlgaEnergy is at your disposal to design a custom implementation plan. You can contact us via phone +34 91 490 20 20 or email sales@algaenergy.es.

Should you complete one application or more?

It is advisable to apply Agrialgae® several times throughout the crop cycle, from 3 to 5 times depending on the type of application, the crop cycle and intensity. From a technical and non-economic perspective, it is always preferable to have more applications at lower doses, that broaden doses that extend to lower number of applications.

What is the product shelf life?

Properly stored, i.e. not exposed to extreme temperatures, the product lasts two years.

What format is available?

There are three product lines: one for foliar application, one for application to the soil, and an organic version optimized for any kind of application.

It is available packaging is in 1L bottles, 5L carafes, 25L drums and 1000L IBC containers.

In addition, there is a whole range of AgriAlgae® enriched in various micro and macro nutrients, but all share the same base: microalgae as the main active ingredient.

What is the size of the molecules included in AgriAlgae®?

The size of the molecules present in AgriAlgae® is well below the range of microns, avoiding any problem with spray nozzles or droppers. Moreover, being a slightly acidic product, it can help loosen irrigation systems and dissolve lime.

What is the ideal pH?

The pH of the packaged product is 3.6. The ideal pH ranges of AgriAlgae® are clearly flexible. Given the dilution used, the pH of the solution or spray irrigation water will be used in the mix or slightly lower.

Does it have a grace or security period?

It has no grace period because it is a completely harmless natural product, 100% plant based.

What effect does AgriAlgae® have during cultivation?

After 5 years of development, optimization, and numerous field trials, AgriAlgae® has shown to provide three types of general benefits:

HIGHER PERFORMANCE: It increases the efficiency of nutrition, helping the plant to maximize absorption and rapid transport of nutrients.

BEST QUALITY: optimizes metabolic processes and provides essential molecules for all plant organism, allowing the plant to the save energy it would need to synthesize them, particularly in times of high metabolic activity, such as during phenological changes. Thanks to these savings, the plant can devote the energy to developing larger, more homogeneous fruits, with better coloring, etc.

GREATER RESISTANCE TO ABIOTIC STRESS: as a preventive treatment, it strengthens the immune system, providing greater resistance to adverse conditions. As a therapeutic treatment, it promotes rapid recovery of the plant after having suffered an abiotic stress.

What crops are worth it?

AgriAlgae® can be used in all crops: vegetables, tree crops, extensive, cereals, etc.

The reason it is useful for any crop is that it is not just a nutrient, but also an essential tool needed by all plant organisms and will help them absorb the nutrients provided by basic fertilization.

Why is foliar application better? How does the product work on the leaf?

No better or worse, foliar application or radicular: they are different. Applying to the leaf: the response time is shortened getting results faster, but the duration of effect is also smaller. On the contrary, applying it to the soil: the effect takes longer, but its duration is greater. Foliar absorption is via stomata and leaf cuticle. Root uptake is mainly done through root hairs. In both cases the tissues by the absorption of nutrients is carried out by mechanisms that regulate the input and output elements. However, in the case of root absorption, nutrients must be transported to other organs of the plant, which are sometimes far away from the roots. For this reason foliar application is a more immediate action.

What are the effects on the ground with applying AgriAlgae®?

In addition to the effects within the plant, AgriAlgae® is a product with high quality organic matter that also improves the soil´s physicochemical properties, increasing the water and nutrieut holding capacity and both in quantity and in time. It favors cation exchange between the ground and plant and helps the assimilation of nutrients.

Is its effect immediate on the ground?

The foliar application effect is faster, you are able to notice the effects within a few days. This makes foliar application ideal for therapeutic treatment after a stressful situation.

Does it affect taste?

It is positively affected by optimizing the processes of maturation and synthesis of sugars, achieving better quality fruit. In general, it does not affect the taste as an external variable, but rather following this logic: if we provide the plant with the tools it needs to enhance its development and maximize the efficiency of its metabolic processes, it allows itself to develop the fruits with more energy and make better use of its own resources, ultimately resulting in fruits of better quality, better flavor, better color, higher caliber, etc.

Several blind tastings have been conducted by independent official institutions, which are available, in which the fruits grown using AgriAlgae® have obtained the highest scoring compared to other bio-stimulant products.

Does it affect wildlife?

It does not affect wildlife. No traces or incompatibilities. It is a 100% vegetable and harmless product .

Do phytohormones anticipate the entry of production? If so, how long before you have to apply to not anticipate production?

AgriAlgae® does not alter the natural rhythms of crops. AgriAlgae® helps the plant to make their internal processes more efficient, improves the use of resources to achieve higher rates of flowering, fruit set and production, and increases crop yields.

What effect is the application on the ground of excess AgriAlgae®?

There are no negative effects by applying high doses. This is because it is a natural product and it’s 100% vegetable and sustainable. In any case, it will always be a contribution of organic matter of the highest quality and functional components and, if it fails the plant, it will improve the soil’s microbial quality.

How does the product on the ground resist to frost?

Preventively it helps prevent freezing and withstands the frost because it facilitates mobility and accumulation of minerals in the different organs of the plant, thus lowering the freezing temperature.

Therapeutically, AgriAlgae® helps to overcome the injuries caused by frost, restoring the physiological functions of the affected organ, as long as this is not a black frost.

Does AgriAlgae® cause irrigation drips?

It does not clog the drippers or sprayers. This is due to its acid pH that prevents calcium deposited on the droppers / spray nozzles. Moreover, AgriAlgae® can dissolve the concretions of calcium carbonate if there are any. It removes existing scabs.

Does AgriAlgae® stain leaves and impair photosynthesis?

AgriAlgae®, when freshly applied, leaves small visible drops of product, but these disappear as the product is assimilated by the leaf. It favors photosynthesis and other functions of the leaves (water regulation, gas exchange). Moreover, it is demonstrated that AgriAlgae® increases chlorophyll content and therefore promotes photosynthetic capacity.

First of all, it is worth to mention that the usage of AgriAlgae® does not imply a great economic expenditure, since the product quantities needed to achieve an effective treatment are reduced, providing considerable results in small concentrations. To be more specific, the average use is around 5 liters per hectare and application, and between 3-5 applications per cycle, depending on the crop.

In addition, it is already a proven fact that AgriAlgae® provides greater yields and performance, not only in terms of kilograms per hectare, but also a better quality of each kilogram, which will imply increasing revenues due to a larger quantity of fruits, but also due to an improved quality of the fruits treated with AgriAlgae®, which shall in turn permit an at least slight increase in its selling price.

On top of this, the capacity granted by AgriAlgae® to increase the resistance of crops towards any kind of stress also implies a positive economic impact, which depending on the circumstances, may be quite relevant.

AlgaEnergy has externalized different trials to official and independent public entities, which demonstrate a much higher economic profitability derived from the application of AgriAlgae®, even in comparison with other biostimulants of reference in the market. Nevertheless, as it is natural, the final increase in yields will very much depend on other factors (such as soil quality, meteorological circumstances, etc.), which is why it wouldn’t be responsible from our side to generate specific expectations based on the actual results obtained, which are at your disposal in any case. Ask us for the testimonials of hundreds of farmers already using AgriAlgae®, in Spain and abroad, which corroborate with their attestations the benefits of using this biostimulant, from which their economic benefits are derived.

AgriAlgae® is a sustainable product, which is friendly with the Environment. As a matter of fact, it contributes to eliminate the noxious gas CO2 from the atmosphere, associated with the climate change.

As highlighted before, AgriAlgae® is a bio-stimulant obtained from microalgae biomass. In this scope, worth to mention is that the gas CO2 is the main nutrient of microalgae, and in fact, in order to produce 1 kg of microalgae biomass, 2 kg of CO2 have been injected into the culture medium and biofixated by the microalgae. Therefore, AgriAlgae® is the only bio-stimulant in the market which decisively contributes to the conservation of nature and the environment. On top, it is an inexhaustible resource, whose production is not dependent on fields with agricultural value, avoiding competition with other human nutrition sources. In consequence, applying AgriAlgae® to the crops provides a valuable additional differentiation element, and remarks the social responsibility of the farmer who chooses to use it.

Are you certified for organic farming?

AgriAlgae® Organic is a product suitable for use in organic farming, Since it meets Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 production and labeling of organic products in all of Spain. It also has the certificate issued by the CAAE, which follows the criteria set by the European Commission.

How can I treat AgriAlgae® containers responsibly?

Although it is not a phytosanitary product, AlgaEnergy has voluntarily adhered itself to the SIGFITO packaging management system, in order to contribute to the environmental sustainability and provide its customers with more responsible packaging management options.

What legal status is it registered as a fertilizer?

AgriAlgae® is already registered in many countries. Please contact us regarding the product registration in your contray at shop@agrialgae.es.

In Spain, AgriAlgae® complies with Royal Decree 506/2013 on fertilizers, according to the certification issued by Bureau Veritas.
– Group 4: Oth r fertilizers and special products
– Type 2: Credited with amino acids

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